Health Services


Natural healthcare consultations (Consulten Natuurgeneeskunde)

Treatments deliver 50-100% reduction of tension

  • Dismiss the physical consequences of stress
  • Benefit general funcion of internal organs & reliefs specific organs
  • Benefit brain nourishment & concetration
  • Stimulate nervous system restore & quality of night sleep
  • Empower and balance body’s self-regulatory mechanisms (such as hormones)
  • Postpone aging of the body
  • Treat and maintain specific complaints (RSI, hernia, sciatica, frozen joint surrounding tissues, migraine, post-traumatic stress syndrom, insomnia, wiplash, scoliosis, emotional difficulties, burn-out, connective tissue disorders, autoimmune sicknesses, asthma & etc.)

Client learns to:

  • feel what is good to his health and body
  • become aware of psychological pain/tension reasons
  • deal with/reduce chronic pain/tension

Before the consultation clients will be asked to fill in health history form (anamnese)

For the reimbrusments please check if your additional insurance polis covers alternative healthcare (alternatieve zorg/natuurgeneeswijzen). License & Registration

Our highly qualified specialist in Den Haag designs effective massage treatments even if you have no pain now. Licence & Registration