Registered Therapist

Registered therapist

Therapist has completed a 4-year-accreditated education program as an alternative health care specialist with a shiatsu therapist’s qualification including an approved HBO medical degree program instructed according to Dutch healthcare standards. Currently she holds the license as a “Natuurgeneeskundigtherapeut”, her qualification is controled by professional registers RBCZ* and LVNG*.

Healthcare provider AGB-code
Practice AGB-code

*RBCZ (Beroepsbeoefenaren in de Complementaire Zorg, artsen en therapeuten op Hbo-niveau) registration nr.

*LVNG (Landelijke Vereniging Natuurlijke Geneeswijzen)
registration nr.

KvK registration nr. 27341168

Therapist education

Therapist took plenty additional courses in the latest foundation trainings in manual therapy methods according to both Western and Eastern rehabilitation approaches, which scientifically orientate to holistic body-emotion-mind health.

  • Medical study for complementary health care specialists according to the new PLATO/CPION requirements, Energie school 2015
  • Psychology and Sociology study for complementary health care specialists according to the new PLATO/CPION requirements, Energie school 2016
  • Embryonic Integrated Therapy – neural, visceral, motoric & immune system support-restore-treatment. Institute I.E.I, Belgium 2014
  • Coach qualification “Transformation coaching” 2014 (simple coaching method used for recognising and directly eliminating emotional/mental blocks, thinking patterns or traumas).
  • Shiatsu and movement sciences CSMBK incl. accredited medical HBO program instructed according to standards of nurses and alternative health care specialists in The Netherlands. Graduated in 2013, duration 4 years.
  • International certification program in movement rehabilitation 2012-2013 (innovative exercising methods for posture improvement)
  • Certificate for chiropractic DouTai method, 2012 (Japanese foundation for non-cracking spine alignment techniques)
  • Training “Hormonal imbalance treatment with shiatsu and reflex-zone therapy”, certificate 2012 (manual hormone balancing treatment methods)
  • Training “Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, neuro-effective touch” 2012 (Manual nervous system and connective tissue treatment)
  • Diploma for SIVAS acupuncture, according to dr. Paul Nogier’s method 2011-2012 (Japanese acupuncture according French foundation in vascular autonomic signal)
  • International certification in Namikoshi Shiatsu, 2011 (Therapeutic method for acupressure and trigger-point therapy)
  • Training in osteopathic Craniosacral therapy, diploma 2009-2010 (Deep tissue treatment through non-invasive touch)
  • Training “Stress treatment with shiatsu and reflex-zone therapy”, certificate 2010 (Manual stress and vagus nerve treatment)
  • Certificate for Ayurveda theory and therapeutic massage, 2008