Massage Therapy

Health restoring body treatment – Get the Best Massage in Den Haag

Our treatments are orientated to health improvement, body maintenance, pain and stress solutions. “Get deeper in touch with your health and achieve long lasting relief” – variety of manual triggering techniques and innovative body-mind methods are used to find reasons of your pain and achieve balance in your body. These services fall under alternative health care in your insurance package and are partly reimbursed by most of the Dutch health insurance companies. Get in Touch for your Best Massage in Den Haag!

Call us today for the best treatment approach for your acute pain, chronic pain, nerve pain, hernia, stiff joints, sleeplessness, asthma, bladder infections, menstruation pain, irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal complaints, stress, tiredness, burnout, scoliosis, radiculitis, headache, migraine, ringing ear, weak immunity, reoccurring infections, auto-immune complaints, spinal blocks and motoric limits. And if you have no complaints – ask for the best massage in Den Haag for prevention and true relaxation.

Treatment prices

90 Euro per 1 hour

Coverages are possible from the Dutch Health Insurance as well as International Health insurancs.

We explore what your muscles, tissues and tendos are responvie to!
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When there are no complaints we still design you a treatment to maintain good health and care of the body. Ask directly for the best massage in Den Haag make an appointment