Best Massage in Den Haag – relaxing and very effective

You did already many therapies, everything seems to be under control… and still you want to feel better! Pain free, energetic and balanced. It’s time for a positive shift and a different approach. We use alternative methods, based on Western medical approach to help you: shiatsu trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, integrated therapies and kinesiology based coaching. Personalized treatment will help YOU to unlock the healing process and to discover wisdom of YOUR body. Many chemical and functional body’s reactions are related to the spinal nerves, organs, glands, connective tissue and even thinking patterns or emotions. With the right therapy your body gets a chance to renew, to boost self-regulatory and self-recovery mechanisms.

Not only for Massage

We treat not only the pain area, but also gets your whole health system back in balance. In order to prevent your reoccurring pain, tension, various symptoms and tiredness, we examine the possible reasons and taken into a treatment plan. Treatment duration of 60-90 minutes helps to restore your nervous system, to reduce exhaustment and stress. Get treated in the way that works on the longer term – decrease your stress and get back the joy of health. Get the Best Massage in Den Haag directly.

Service of excellence

Have you ever experienced a painful or awful body treatment, which did not work for you? Is it awkward to get a body treatment, because you do not like massages or your body is never touched? We will investigate the reaction of your muscles, tendons and bones in a painless and safe way. We are happy to know if we can be at any assistance in your improvement process: intake meeting is FREE of charge – make an appointment here.

Registered therapist

Vytaute Babone is a registered, certified and licensed natural health care therapist. She is specialized in a complementary health care as shiatsu practitioner, craniosacral- and massage therapist, healthy movement teacher and transformation coach. Feel better already already today! Therapist teaches you to listen to your body and to rediscover your power.

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Call us today for the best treatment approach for your acute pain, chronic pain, nerve pain, hernia, stiff joints, sleeplessness, asthma, bladder infections, menstruation pain, irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal complaints, stress, tiredness, burnout, scoliosis, radiculitis, headache, migraine, ringing ear, weak immunity, reoccurring infections, auto-immune complaints, spinal blocks and motoric limits. And if you have no complaints – ask for the best massage in Den Haag for prevention and true relaxation.

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